We are very exited at The Little Pony Club as we have a new arrival.  A beautiful black Shetland pony called Somahouse Sponge (her posh name), her everyday name is Summer.  Summer is a mare (girl), she is jet black with a super soft nose and a long mane and tail, she is 10 years old and 42 inches high so a full size Shetland pony.  She came from a loving family in Essex where 4 children had lots of fun looking after her, Summer will love all our little jockeys.  All the Shetlands are making friends with Summer especially Funky Dunky and Prancer, Prancer likes to look after her in the paddock.  Summer has settled into her new home very well and we are now using her for all our pony adventures, she is proving very popular with our little jockeys and Leaders, especially Molly and Izzy, they love working with her already! Come and meet Summer at The Little Pony Club soon.