Story Starters

Are you a budding writer? Have a look at our story starters, choose one you like and then print it off and continue the story. We would love to see it next time you come to The Little Pony Club!

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Funky Dunky Performs His Tricks

It was a peaceful spring morning at The Little Pony Club. In the woods, the animals had all woken up and a gentle chorus of birdsong could be heard. Funky Dunky was in the Barnyard, looking forward to a day with his favourite children. He was practising his favourite tricks, ready to entertain everyone.


Karamel gets up to Mischief

It was a beautiful sunny day at The Little Pony Club and all of the ponies were out in the paddock. Lottie had found a delicious patch of buttercups to eat and was enjoying the feel of the warming sun on her back. She looked up to see Karamel sneaking out of the paddock gate, which had accidentally been left open. She wondered to herself what he was up to.


Peach Melba and the Mini-gymkhana

Peach Melba was super excited – today was going to be so much fun. Lots of her favourite children were coming to The Little Pony Club to take part in a mini-gymkhana. It was her favourite event of the season. She had been groomed to perfection and was ready and raring to go.


The Special Visitors

It had been a busy day at The Little Pony Club and the ponies were eating their dinner and relaxing in the paddock. Miss Daisy and Polly Patch were under the old oak tree enjoying each other’s company, when there was a commotion at the far end of the paddock. All of the ponies were trotting over towards the gate. Miss Daisy couldn’t bear to be left out. She could see a group of people walking towards the ponies. ‘Who could they be?’ she wondered, quickly making her way towards the other ponies.


Learn AboutNature

Keep an eye out here for information on our next theme. These are planned with the help of an experienced primary school teacher and based around our love of nature and creativity.

Some of our future topics include: Wildlife Art, Keen to be Green, Wild Woods, Cowboys and Indians, What’s Growing in our Garden and Minibeasts.

The Little Pony Quiz

See how well you know The Little Pony Club

Which pony has Dasher for a best friend?

Which colour is Night Star?

Which of our ponies likes going to the 'pony spa'?

What is Dom Perrignon's nickname?

Which of our ponies is mummy to Chester Oreo?

Which colour is Merrie?

Which of our ponies is Funky Dunky's girlfriend?

The UK's woodland is a rich and diverse habitat for thousands of species of plants and animals.
Woodlands are a bit more open than forests – they have space to let some light in between the trees. Much of the UK used to be covered in woodland.
Fruit and nuts found in the forest provide food for the animals that live there.
Many mammals, such as badgers and deer, rely on woodland habitats for shelter and food.
Badgers often build their homes in woodland. They live in large family groups in an underground burrow system known as a 'sett'.
There are six species of wild deer in the UK, but only red and roe deer are native. They live mainly in woodland.
On the forest floor, pretty flowers like bluebells and wood anemones grow.
Woodlands are home to many beautiful birds, such as woodpeckers and owls.